What we believe

At Cromwell Hall Christian Fellowship we believe that:

Our aims

Although our main aim as Christians is to get to know God better and to serve Him, we have identified three specific aims for Cromwell Hall Christian Fellowship:

  1. To simply meet and worship God, just like the first Christians did when they met to

    • Learning the teaching of the apostles
    • Fellowship with one another
    • Break Bread
    • Pray
  2. To present the claims of Christ, through the simple preaching of the Gospel, so that everyone has the opportunity to hear them.

  3. To provide a place of Christian friendship to the people of Levenshulme and beyond.

Through all of our activities, our central purpose is to show the reality and relevance of being able to know God through the Lord Jesus Christ, who we trust for our salvation from sin.

We prefer not to give ourselves a denominational name that seems to divide us from others, but simply to be known as Christians.

Please click here for a description of our meetings and also our practices.

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