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The Heavenly Contractor and Architect oversaw all the work, and the hall was opened over the weekend of 5-6 September 1959, the weekend before the wedding.

Despite earlier concerns, attendance at the Sunday School in the new hall continued to flourish, while week for the everyone, skilled Gospel preachers were invited by Neill Shepherd, and people heard the message of salvation and were saved. Assembly activities included an annual week-long gospel campaign.

By the mid 1960s, the assembly, desperately in need an additional room for Sunday School work, that of a crèche for the younger families during meetings and also to counsel those who expressed an interest in the gospel message afterwards. Plans were drawn up to extend the south west corner of the hall, providing the badly needed room, and so Cromwell Hall was enlarged.

The assembly continued to grow. Many students, both believers and non-believers, attended. Those not Christian at the start of their studies, were by the end of them.

The closure of Mill Lane Gospel Hall in Northenden and also Moorfield Hall increased numbers at Cromwell Hall even further. The assembly prayer list of 1972, listed the names of approximately 100 adults, not to mention children, though many on the list were housebound.

Many families and young people continued to attend the varied activities that the hall had to offer, including Coffee Morning, children's clubs, as well as house parties, resulting in great blessing.

The building was altered once more in 1992, when, as a result of a spate of vandalism, the rear bicycle parking area was enclosed.

A popular monthly Coffee Morning which was restarted in 2003, at the same time as "Christian Fellowship" was added to Cromwell Hall, is still going strong and continues to be a point of contact with the local community.

Today, like many other assemblies and churches, the decline in attendance, not to mention Levenshulme's multi-cultural and multi-ethnic population, Cromwell Hall faces many challenges. Fifty years after the hall was built, the congregation of 22 still maintains a testimony.

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