50th Anniversary Report

September 2009 marked 50 years since Cromwell Hall Christian Fellowship first opened its doors on Marshall Road in Levenshulme. You can find out some of the history of the church by clicking here.

Special occasion celebratory events were held in September 2009. Throughout the celebrations there was an exhibition of Cromwell Hall Christian Fellowship's history, together with photos, that were been kindly donated for the celebrations.

On Saturday 19 September 2009, approximately 90 people met at Cromwell Hall Christian Fellowship, during the afternoon and early evening to celebrate 50 years since the building was opened in Marshall Road. Many friends came from all over the UK to mark this milestone. During the Time of Prayer and Praise, thanks were given to God for His provision and leading throughout the time. Hymns included Dudley-Smith’s "Lord for the years", Chisholm’s "Great is Thy faithfulness" and von der Kammer's "How wonderful! That Thou the Son hast come". Also during this time was the first exhortation of the day for the young people to maintain the testimony, should the Lord not return.

After a short break, Laurie Waller, who has been associated with Cromwell Hall Christian Fellowship since the assembly's time at the room over Estelle Modes, spoke on the subject of "Looking forward" using 15 words, which Fellowshipd on the Person of the Lord Jesus Christ, which can be found in the New Testament, exhorting the young people who presently worship at Cromwell Hall Christian Fellowship. These were:

The full text of Laurie’s address can be read here.

After another break to rearrange the hall, a hot meal was provided. This was followed with, as people remained in their seats around the tables, with an informal time of reminiscing where many took part. The time commenced with the reading of a newspaper article dating back to early to mid 1959, which said that building work on the hall was well under way. Stories both amusing and serious were shared, and faithful saints, some of who are no longer with us, were fondly remembered. For the third time, young people were exhorted to maintain the testimony.

Many spoke of their indebtedness to those from Cromwell Hall Christian Fellowship who have encouraged them and provided practical support in their Christian life. The day closed with a prayer following the singing of Spafford’s hymn, "When Peace Like a River" looking forward to that Day when Christians will be in heaven with Jesus Christ – "The sky not the grave is the goal".


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